Monday, June 22, 2015

Teaching Is Not Testing

"Unfortunately, we currently see our students through the gimlet eye of reading performance alone.  Reading is important and does contribute to success in learning.  However, reading exists for the child, not the child for the reading score." (Graves 90)

This text made me think about an article I recently read in Time, "Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer."  The article was actually in response to a previous article written suggesting that no research has been done to prove that reading literature does in fact make you smarter.  As it turns out,  there have been two recent studies published that showed people who engage in "deep reading literature" vs superficial reading we do on the web, not only proved to be smarter, but nicer as well!  People who read fiction seem to have more empathy for others and are better able to see another's perspective of the world. 

"We have gotten evaluation backwards.  Far more time needs to be spent showing children how to evaluate their work." (Graves 90)

It seems far too many students rush to complete an assignment just for the sake of completing it.  They don't see the value of producing quality work, when what they see is, it not mattering - that they will be going over it in class and given the correct answer anyway.

Diane Baker

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