Thursday, July 2, 2015

What to do with SMWP! (After the Institute)

Young Authors Camp
* one week camp (16-20 hrs)
* 8 Students minimum
* Writing marathon done with kids!
* Closing & Opening moments
*  Not just for struggling writers, open to all!!
* USM & SMWP does alot of the leg work for you.

Nurturing Self as a Writer
* Burnt Island Writing Retreat, Aug 4-6
* Chance to write alot, relax, be with like minded people, become one with nature.
* Chance to come up with ideas talking with other writers and teachers, over dinner and Bocce.
* $350 for three days (included a place to sleep & food. Unless you want to sleep in your car?)
* There is an octagonal table!

*Monthly Writing Group
*Meets a few times over the year, tries to be once a month.
*Opportunity to share the variety of writing.

Continued Professional Groups 
* Sharing work with others, spreading the SMWP "way"
* Building capacity for writing instruction
* What's not done that you can make possible!
* Chance to represent your school; show off your institute work.
* Conferences, mainly TC people, very positive.
* Modest stipend for offer workshops at places, institute facilitators, if asked.
* USM/SMWP there to back you for some entrepreneurship's?

* Study Groups, TC's can take the lead (empowerment) to answer questions, institute practice.
* Grass roots initiatives.

Check your e-mail.  Group e-mails will becoming!!

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